ughex-e: Your art is really cute??? Oh my god


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royalconundrums: Hello! I wanted to come by and say that I really admire your art style, and look up to you as an artist! Also, I was wondering if you have any advice to help me get started?

wow thank you so much!

i think the only advice i really have is to just draw a lot? draw every day! draw during class (unless your teachers get mad, then get a secret sketchbook and draw stealthily), or  bring a sketchbook or notepad around and draw whenever you’re bored outside! i can doodle for hours if left alone with nothing but a pencil and paper, and even if those doodles don’t look great or anything, just drawing is good. as long as you keep practicing, you’ll eventually improve, so try to draw even when you’re artblocked! it’s hard, but if you fall into a funk and stop drawing for a little bit, it makes it harder to start drawing again.

also, if you post your art online, notes and followers really don’t mean anything! i want to emphasize this to a lot of new artists who always feel discouraged if their art doesn’t seem to be getting recognition!! if a post gets notes, usually it just means that a person was scrolling through their dashboard, glanced at it for a few seconds, and decided to either like or reblog it. notes aren’t proportional to how long you spent on a drawing, or a measurement for how good it is! i actually have xkit installed so that i can hide my follower count, and the notes count on my posts so i don’t have to be reminded of them. don’t worry too much about what other people think of it, just getting yourself out there, and posting what you like should be your main focus!

i ended up writing a lot more than i expected to, but i hope i was able to be a little bit helpful u_u

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anti-someshit: (( your art is wonderful oh my gosh <3

thank you very much!

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i tried working outside of my comfort zone :x

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confusedpariah: i would just like to say that you and elactobuddy are my homestuck art idols and yall are the bomb woo go you :0

we, the

thank you wholeheartedly. it’s quite cool to be someone’s art inspiration! you’re also hella rad, keep up the good work!

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a bunch of jjba doodles from twitter! (mostly a bunch of SBR au’s i’ve been coming up with heylins hehehe…..)

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chicknyturkys: What program do you use?

gimp and a trackpad

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sparklyloser replied to your post: VERY GLAD ABOUT THESE BRUSH SETTINGS…..

please.. share the settings….. so beautiful…….

i’m using the chalk brush from here, and here are the settings for it


edit: i realized that i totally forgot to explain why you want the brush to be super hard!

i discovered that making the brush harder makes it easier to make small, thin lines, despite the actual size being gigantic. it’s much easier to control line weight and vary between very thin and very thick lines!

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messing with different brush settings, and it&#8217;s not coming out too bad?

messing with different brush settings, and it’s not coming out too bad?

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aprilletherainbowcat: I like your art! <3

thank you!

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kakyoin wishes he could be a high fashion model

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misc jojo_60min fills and doodles from twitter (gyro in johnny’s clothes inspo *___*)

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lazy monday kind of mood (▰˘◡˘▰)

lazy monday kind of mood (▰˘◡˘▰)

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Alright yeah no, I tried being civil but I’m done this is ridiculous.  


I’m sorry for tagging with the fandom but I need help.

So hEY this lpsgmelissa person has been coloring over the pencil sketches I’ve posted without permission, putting their own watermark over it, and reposting some of my art with theirs. I tried to kindly ask them to stop, but I didn’t get a proper response and they have since posted more as well as a vERY uncomfortable drawing of my likeness for dARING to ask them to stop. If you could help me report them that would be great thank you.

please help out my friend! here is a link to their ask to request them to stop stealing art and here is a link to a tutorial that explains how to easily report a tumblr user. thanks a bunch!

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